Hannah Dobbs

"Hannah was never supposed to be my Manager, I became an Assistant Manager and in the time it took to take my new post Hannah had become the Manager at Old Hollow. After our first chat it didn't take me long to realise that I was in the presence of the most passionate, caring and intelligent person I had ever met. For the next year and a half I was a passenger on the most amazing trip imaginable. The understanding she had for children we cared for was more insightful than I thought possible. To be phenomenal at caring and advocating for children (which Hannah is) is amazing but to help others be better is a gift, and that is what Hannah does. 

Quite simply Hannah is the best person I know and knowing her has made me a better person too. What the future holds both excites me and scares me but as Hannah always says "it will be okay". For some reason she also thinks she is funny, which is the only thing she has ever said that is funny." - Stuart 

Hannah's qualification and training include:

  • Currently undertaking a degree in Clinical Psychology 

  • City and Guilds NVQ level 5 in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care- Residential

  • City and Guilds NVQ level 3 in Children and Young People in the workforce

  • DDP level 1 and 2 

  •  "Train the trainer" training with Dr Kim Golding for Foundations For  Attachments Programme & Nurturing Attachments Programme

  • Signs of Safety Advanced 

  • Protective behaviours 


Stuart Macmanomy

"I met Stuart in my second week of being placed at Old Hollow Children's Home, as Interim Manager. Stuart was loud, funny and spoke with a brummy accent. I definitely could have done with a translator in the beginning. At the time we had no idea how quickly it would become our home from home, or how the two of us would become the best of friends.  What I noticed straight away about Stuart was his raw, honest ability to communicate exactly how he felt and what he expected from me and for the children. He taught me how to advocate for a service to be seen as professional and to challenge the status quo.  In many ways we are different people, but we are also very similar. Our values, morals, principles and wants for every looked after child was our silver thread. However, I was definitely and still am the funniest in this dynamic."- Hannah 

Stuart's qualifications and training include:
·         NVQ Level 4 Health and Social Care- Adults
·         NVQ Level 3 Caring for Children and Young People
·         DDP Level 1
·         Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
·         Former Team Teach advanced and intermediate tutor
·         First Aid
·         Signs of Safety


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