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Blast Off

Launching the website. ..

Sunday March 10 was decided as the launch day and prior to publishing we set up another email address as a point of contact for people, little did we know at this time that this act would crash our other emails but I will come back to that. Hannah was charged with hitting the publish button after the hard work she had put in and this was a huge moment for both of us and felt like the final step to making it real. We sent the link to a couple of people via text message who then clicked on it on their mobile devices and the feedback was that there were issues with the way the page looked on mobile devices. This was very frustrating as we were not sure on how we could fix it. Later that day by making some edits to the site Hannah was able to improve the mobile site so it was now working. Then came the issues with the emails, by purchasing a new email address for enquiries this completely whacked out the other email addresses that we had previously purchased. A couple of phone calls to America with the domain and website providers separately we eventually got the emails back up and running. Tensions are building at this point (I know for me, Stu) and it is so tempting to shut the lid of the computer and walk away but that is not really an option and things need to get done. Everything we are doing is a learning opportunity and boy are we learning. Once everything is sorted it's so easy to find the humour in it and laugh at how frustrated you allowed yourself to get but the sense of pride in what you have done is something else too. Thank you to Hannah for getting the website looking great, that work was hard and looks great. Thanks to our friends and family that helped point out things on the website that needed attention this has been invaluable and we appreciate the support.

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