Attachment Focus- Vicki Wood-Therapeutic Social Worker

I have had the pleasure of working with both Hannah and Stuart over many years in their roles as both support workers and then into management roles within local authority children’s homes.

I have seen the movement and adaptation of their practice as they moved from a more traditional behavioural model, to one where the development of intersubjective attachment relationships was key.

Both Stuart and Hannah recognise the power of those relationships in allowing the young people in their care to feel that somebody ‘gets them’, that no matter what happens, somebody will fight their corner, and advocate for them in a way that many of those young people may never have experienced before.

I have seen this evidenced in the welcome packages prepared for each individual young person before their arrival, tearful keyworkers expressing their pride in having watched every performance that ‘their’ child sang in, to the heartfelt handwritten letters given to each young person as they have moved on to their next adventure.

I cannot think of better people to guide an organisation through the journey of embracing the development of such relationships in a children’s home – they have lived and breathed this way of working with young people and have experienced the highs and lows which can accompany the approach. The journey may be tough, but the rewards are many, and Hannah and Stuart can use their collective experience to guide you through

County Council- Rebecca B-  Social Worker- LAC Permanancy

I had the joy of working with both Hannah and Stuart for 2 years whilst both were management in residential care. The high standard of care together with the therapeutic parenting approach Hannah and Stuart adopted whilst working with their young people resulted in the most amazing progress being made, which I honestly did not think was possible. The dedication and time Hannah and Stuart provided their young person was amazing and see them thrive and grow from their nurture, approaches and strategies was incredible. I always found Hannah and Stuart to be knowledge, reflective and very approachable. They were a great team to work with and most definitely have the skills and knowledge to achieve excellent outcomes for looked after young people.

County Council- John M- Registered Team Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with both Hannah and Stuart for several years. I have rarely met two people who are more dedicated and unrelenting in their mission to improve the lives of young people. The passion, care and nurture they radiate is infectious to all those around them. It has been a privilege to know and work alongside them both.


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