The promise

Stuart and Hannah came together as a management team 3 years ago and both knew they were onto something special. This was Hannah's first Registered Managers post and Stuart's new position, as Assistant Manager. Together, in less than a year and at their first full inspection, they turned a children residential home from 'requires improvement to be good' to 'outstanding' in all areas. But more than this, they created a loving home with nurture at its core and inter-subjective relationships being the key.

They quickly realised that changes needed to be made across social care settings, including the language and approach to working with children. Arcus was developed through the conversations had with children they worked with. Often these conversations resulted with the same themes in children feeling like they had been judged, not understood or knowing what was going to  happen to them. But most importantly, it was recognised that children in care were becoming institutionalised by their journey through care.

The aim of Arcus is to continue to teach, guide and support others within social care by using a psychodynamic approach.To empower professionals to be the gate keepers of their children’s well-being and remembering a home is a home and a child is a child. 


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